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Terms & Conditions

Here are all the details on our Terms and Conditions under which Sunshine Mobile makes its network services available to you.


These terms affect your rights and liabilities under law


1.1 Any order or request you make for a Smartphone SIM card and, where applicable, a mobile handset is an offer to receive the Sunshine Mobile Service. Where an order is placed online, our acceptance of the order and delivery of your goods signifies the beginning of a contract between you and us. If the purchase has been made in store, the contract is then made upon your acceptance of the product(s).

1.2 Subscription charges for your tariff start upon the pre-defined date you have given us, and will continue on this specified date each month or week until you notify us of cancellation. Your tariff allocation of inclusive minutes, texts, and data starts upon activation of you SIM card; this is defined as point of dispatch set out in Section

1.3 We ensure the use of best endeavours to dispatch your SIM card within one working day following receipt of your first advance line rental payment. This is not guaranteed and may be delayed by circumstances out of our control. If your SIM has not arrived within five working days it is your responsibility to inform us. We are only able to deliver your SIM card to the name and residential address that is registered as the account holder at the point of ordering.

1.4 It is the responsibility of the customer to activate your SIM card on line a.s.a.p. using the information provided once received. Sunshine Mobile will not under any circumstance refund the customer for the unused tariff period during this time.

1.5 Title in the handset will only pass to you once you have completed your payment schedule and made all payments in full. The means you do not own the handset until the end of the contract term.

1.6 If for any reason beyond our reasonable control we are unable to supply the SIM card and any associated hardware, Sunshine Mobile, the network, are not liable to you, the customer.

1.7 When your minimum contract term has expired, we will supply you with Sunshine Mobile Services until either of us chooses to end the agreement in any of the permitted ways set out in our terms and conditions.

1.8 We reserve the right to perform a credit check using the information that you provide us with during the application or contract.

1.9 Where SIM cards and handsets are dispatched separately the acceptance of your order will always relate to the dispatch of the SIM card.

1.9a All applications onto our network will be reviewed by our security team who may contact you for additional Information before authorising your order. We reserve the right to refuse access to the Service to anyone for any reason at any time. If you are refused access and have made an advance payment to join the network, we will refund you. Please allow up to seven working days for any refund to be processed.

1.10 We reserve the right to embed security mechanisms within our products and services during the term of your contract for the sole purpose of detecting and preventing fraud.


Customers on Smartphone Sim

2.1 To qualify for a handset the following criteria must be achieved;

2.2 Typical monthly usage. If Sunshine Mobile feels the Sim has not been used in a typical sense by the customer during the first 3 months/ 12 weeks, or feels the offer has been taken out to defraud Sunshine Mobile of an handset, then Sunshine Mobile reserves the right to cancel the Sim subscription and NOT offer a handset, in this instance NO refunds will be offered for the previous months paid under the Sim offer. The sim must be your primary number and show regular and typical activity on the account.

2.3 At the point of application you may have additional monthly charges applied depending on the handset chosen and you may be required to change your current tariff for your new 24 month contract with Sunshine Mobile.

2.4 We shall not perform a credit check when you choose a handset unless Sunshine Mobile Ltd deems it necessary; in such a case we reserve the right for us to do 
so using the information you have provided to us during the application, or we may contact you to obtain your current personal information before proceeding with any application. You may also be requested to provide additional documentation to confirm your identity and address. Any credit check made on the customer by Sunshine Mobile is in the interest of the customer improving their overall credit rating by undertaking a 24 month contract with Sunshine Mobile.

2.5 All our handsets are given a band number, for further details please refer to or contact customer services at

2.6 All our handsets are new and are shipped with the standard manufacturers warranty (typically 12 months).

2.7 You will be offered a handset from our Sunshine Mobile range of handset bands after paying 12 successive weekly bills.

2.8 Failure to keep up to date with your payments will result in the offer of your SmartPhone being void and you will need to re-start the payment process again in order to obtain a guaranteed handset. Your Sim card may also be terminated without notice.

2.9 Sunshine Mobile may require additional paperwork to be completed in order provide you with a handset contracted or leased and 24 month contract subscription, which you will need to agree to in order to receive your handset and 24 month contract from Sunshine Mobile.

2.10 A 24 month contract agreement and new set of terms and conditions will apply to your chosen contract and 24 month contract with Sunshine Mobile once taken, and these will need to be accepted by the customer prior to receiving your handset. These will be provided to you once you have selected your handset and tariff line rental for this 24 months period.

UNLIMITED TERMS - if applicable

3.1 Minutes, SMS and data will be delivered over the period and in the denominations advertised, as part of the proposition.

3.2 UNLIMITED texts are a based on a fair usage policy of 3000 per month

3.3 UNLIMITED calls are a based on a fair usage policy of 2000 per month

3.4 The Line Rental must be paid in advance. If you cancel your package within seven working days of your order, you will get a full refund of your advance payment. Otherwise the advance payment is non-refundable.

3.5 When your minimum contract term has expired, we will supply you with Sunshine Mobile services until either of us chooses to end the Agreement in any of the permitted ways set out in our Cancelation Section.

3.6 Failure to maintain your account in accordance with our terms and conditions may result in your services being restricted. In these instances we reserve the right to end your service and any advance payments will not be refundable.


4.1 If a handset is deemed faulty within the first 28 days of connection, it will be treated, as an exchange and Sunshine Mobile will replace the handset for you. If a handset is outside of the initial 28 days of connection and is deemed faulty then your handset manufacturer will handle any repair that may need to be carried out.

4.2 If for any reason you require a replacement handset within 28 days of connection due to fault of malfunction please contact or call 0370 9988777. You are required to contact us within 24 hours if any problem becomes apparent.

4.3 We will deal with all replacements with high priority.

4.4 Replacements will only be issued when the original item is returned.

4.5 Where goods become faulty within the first 28 days and qualify for an exchange, the faulty items must be returned to us, with the original packaging, within 28 days of the date of invoice. Items returned as faulty and subsequently found to be subject to customer damage will incur charges.

4.6 Exchanges cannot be given if we judge that the product has been willfully damaged, misused, neglected, overloaded, modified, adapted or repaired.

4.7 If returned goods cannot be accepted a charge of £20 will be made to cover postage and processing.

4.8 It is the customer’s responsibility for the safe return of all goods.

4.9 All items must be returned within 5 working days via recorded 
delivery, and the goods returned as they were received with
their original packaging and full contents included, along with original documentation and proof of purchase.


5.1 All handsets come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty.

5.2 Each manufacturer has a warranty period where they will repair your handset outside of the 28 day exchange period; this is for manufacturer faults only. Please see the manufacturer terms and conditions to check if your fault is covered.


6.1 We will open an account for you and provide you with a SIM and a phone number (and we may agree to provide you with additional SIMs and phone numbers on your request). This number does not belong to you and may only be transferred to another service provider with our permission and when you have made payment for our costs. Sunshine Mobile dependent upon the tariff you choose may provide you with a mobile handset also.

6.2 You can move your existing mobile number to Sunshine Mobile. First, you need to ask your previous mobile network operator for your porting authorisation code (PAC), and then you will need to give your PAC to us. Once we have verified the details of your porting request, we will tell you the date when your phone number will be moved to Sunshine Mobile.

6.3 Once you are connected to Sunshine Mobile, we will provide you with access to our Services. Sunshine Mobile Services will not include any Premium Rate Services, however, provided you ask for them and we approve, may also include Age Restricted Services, provided you are 18 or over and you do not show or send any content from the Age Restricted Services to anyone under 18.

6.4 We will always try and make our services available to you within our coverage area (the UK). There may be areas in this area where you do not have access to all of the services. This will be as a result of limited or unavailable coverage. For more information on this please visit

6.5 The SIMs we provide may only be used in handsets that are authorised by us for connection to Sunshine Mobile. Any attempt to use the SIM in another handset may result in serious damage to the handset and may prevent you from being able to use it. In these instances Sunshine Mobile are not responsible for any such damage or usage problems. For more information on this please visit

6.6 As your Network provider we will use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the services are available or fault free. We cannot guarantee that this will be the case and your service may
be affected by geographic, atmospheric or other conditions beyond our control.

6.7 We may migrate your account from one billing platform to another from time to time. Should this be the case we will notify you only if your network service may be affected in any way.

6.8 Sunshine Mobile reserves the right to add, substitute or discontinue any of the Sunshine Mobile Services at any time.

6.9 From time to time we may have to: Alter the number of your mobile phone, or any other name, code or number associated with the Sunshine Mobile Service for reasons beyond our control. If this is the case we will provide reasonable notice. Temporarily suspend the Sunshine Mobile Service (or any part of it) for operational reasons or in an emergency or for reasons of security. Bar certain numbers from the Sunshine Mobile Service on a temporary or permanent basis in order to prevent fraud or in circumstances where we would suffer a direct loss.

6.10 If you report your SIM card to us as lost or stolen we reserve the right to prevent it from being used on the network. We may also exchange the identity of any stolen items with other network operators to prevent it from being used on other networks. Replacement SIM cards are charged at a cost of £10 per SIM card, which includes postage and packaging.

6.11 It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate insurance arrangements in place for any hardware that is dispatched to you as part of your contract agreement. Sunshine Mobile accepts no liability for any hardware that
 is lost or damaged and customers are advised to contact the manufacturer for any repair services outside of the 28 day faulty exchange policy.


7.1 Any passwords you may nominate in connection with
 your Sunshine Mobile Service account must remain confidential. We will not disclose any information about your identity to anyone until we are satisfied it is the account holder or someone with the account holders permission.

7.2 As part of this agreement you agree to:

7.3 You may not, nor allow anyone else to, use the Sunshine Mobile Pay monthly Service:


8.1 The Sunshine Mobile service allows you to make or receive calls, SMS messages and send and receive data as well as access information via the internet by means of the network service provided by the EE network and delivered to you by us (Sunshine Mobile Network).

8.2 Your contract agreement is made up of these Terms for Sunshine Mobile Services and your chosen Package, along with any other terms laid down in selected Additional Sunshine Mobile Services. Additional terms may apply to any promotional or special offers which can be found at

8.3 Our Service (The Sunshine Mobile Service) is only available to customers aged 18 or over on the date of the uptake of the service.

8.4 Handsets which can be used to access Services are locked to our network. The software in the Handset and all intellectual property rights in that software are owned by the Handset manufacturer and you are being allowed to use the software
on a limited license from the Handset manufacturer. During the term of your Agreement for the supply of Services, you must not permit your Handset to be unlocked via any unauthorised manner (i.e. by anyone other than us or the Handset manufacturer). You must contact us if you want your Handset to be unlocked from our network. If you contact us to request that your Handset be unlocked from our network, we will arrange for your Handset to be unlocked in an authorised manner (which may include replacing your Handset with an unlocked Handset, which is the same or similar specification to your Handset) and you must pay an unlocking administration charge. In addition, you must ensure that there are no outstanding amounts owing on your account. Prior to us arranging for your Handset to be unlocked, you must ensure that you back-up or otherwise store separately any of your information or other data on the Handset which you may require, as this may be lost during the Handset unlocking process. We are not responsible for any information or any other data which may be lost during the Handset unlocking process. This clause will not apply to you if you have purchased your SIM on a SIM Only Basis.

8.5 We will provide our services within our Network Providers area but it’s always possible that the quality or coverage may be affected at times due to circumstances out of our control.

8.6 You agree that both Sunshine Mobile Network and our Network Provider are authorised to process your personal data which is collected or submitted during any sales or registration process. This processing can take the form of any of the following activities; opening and managing an account for services, for the delivery of products and services ordered by you, for credit checking and fraud prevention, for product analysis and direct marketing activity (subject to your preferences) as set out in our Privacy Policy

8.7 As your network provider we may provide textual, visual or other information including but not limited to software, photos, graphics and sounds through the service. This is defined as content. If we provide any content we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that this information is correct but cannot be held liable for this as it is provided on an “as is” basis. By accepting access to the content you accept that we cannot be held liable for any actions you take as a result of the content.

8.8 Content or technical specification of our Service may vary from time to time.

8.9 Any content may only be used in a manner that does not infringe the rights of others. This is defined as “approved use” and must be compliant with all other instructions issued by us regarding the use of the content. You must not store, modify, transmit, distribute, re-sell, copy into any other work part of the content in any form. This type of action is prohibited. Content is provided solely for personal use.

8.10 Only you are responsible for evaluating the accuracy and integrity of goods and services offered by any third party
with regards to the content. Sunshine Mobile will not be responsible for any transaction concerning third party goods or services.

8.11 We will disclose details of your agreement with us, the payments you make under it, account balances and information about
any default, dispute, and debts to credit reference agencies.
 We will also disclose details of any change of address reported to us or of which we become aware. The information supplied by us and held by credit reference agencies is used by us and other organisations to help make decisions about other credit applications by you or other members of your household with whom you are linked financially to trace debtors, recover debts, to prevent and detect fraud and to manage your account.


9.1 The Sunshine Mobile Service is made available to you for personal, residential use and not for commercial purposes. You may
not, nor allow anyone else to use our services for auto
delivery, continuing or extensive call forwarding, telemarketing, solicitation, polling, fax or voicemail broadcasting. If you breach this clause you agree to compensate us for all liabilities claims, damages, losses and costs which we may suffer.

9.2 The procurement of any Sunshine Mobile products are solely for your own use and will not be re-sold or otherwise distributed.

9.3 This Service agreement in its entirety presents the rules and regulations that you must comply with in order to use the Sunshine Mobile Service. During the time that we provide this service to you, you authorise us to act upon your behalf 
in all dealings with any provider as we deem necessary with regards to the provision of the service.

9.4 You will be responsible for any charges or account usage incurred for lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed SIM cards until you have informed us.

9.5 You are responsible for the security of your PIN’s, passwords and any handsets provided and part of this agreement. Please refer to your handset manufacturer’s user guide for details of how to keep your handset secure.

9.6 If you become aware that someone is accessing services on your behalf without your permission you should change your PIN’s and passwords immediately.

9.7 Any non-compliance of any part of this paragraph construes as an agreement on your part to compensate us for all liabilities, claims, damages, losses and costs including legal costs that we suffer as a result.


10.1 Your airtime credit can be used for any mixture of minutes, texts and data. Incremental charges for this are as follows: 5p per minute, 5p per text and 5p per mb data. Credit does not rollover to a following week and should be used within the 7 day billing period.

10.2 Call charges are quoted by the minute and are charged in one second increments and rounded up to the nearest penny unless otherwise stated. Our charges for Sunshine Mobile Services are calculated using the details we have recorded 
and are charged excluding VAT before being rounded up to the nearest penny, VAT is added to all applicable parts of your bill. All prices are correct at the time of going to print but are subject to change. Please visit or contact for more specific detail.

10.3 We will provide 30 days written notice should we make any changes to the Terms and Conditions of this Service Agreement that we deem will significantly disadvantage you. The written notice will take the form of an email or text message.

10.4 You will be notified on your bill of any call charges for premium rate services operated by third parties.

10.5 Some of our bundles include inclusive or unlimited allowances which apply to certain calls, texts or data on a monthly basis. These bundles cannot be carried forward from one month to the next unless we have expressly stated this. In this context “month “or “monthly” means calls recorded by is within your monthly billing period. This may not equate a calendar month. Certain types of calls such as roaming may take longer to be billed.

10.6 You will be responsible for any out of bundle charges which will be detailed on your bill. For more details on these charges please visit if you are unsure if charges will be applied please refer to Customer Services at

10.7 Call charging rates which vary dependent on the time of day are billed according to the time of your call initiation.

10.8 You will be liable for all charges incurrent by the use of the Sunshine Mobile Service under this agreement whether these charges were incurred by you yourself or someone else with or without your knowledge or permission.

10.9 We may ask you to demonstrate a satisfactory billing history, and pay a deposit, in order for us to unlock the international calling and roaming facility on your account. Please note if you use your phone abroad you will be charged for both incoming and outgoing calls.

10.10 Premium Rate Services are not widely enabled on the Network; however, it is not always possible to restrict some voice, SMS and Video premium rate service types. You will be liable for all out of bundle premium rate service charges that are incurred on your account.


11.1 As a protection factor from “Bill Shock” we will impose a maximum limit on your account which can be confirmed by checking your account online or contacting our customer services team. If you reach your bill cap and have used your monthly inclusive allowance or minutes, texts or data, you will only be able to receive incoming calls and text messages. If you have reached your monthly account limit by contacting customer services team or logging into your account online you can make a bundle payment on your account. Conditions apply and you must be able to demonstrate a good payment history and regular account usage.

11.2 We will monitor usage of the Sunshine Mobile Services 
at regular intervals via your account for the purpose of 
imposing your maximum limit, controlling our credit risk and your exposure to fraudulent usage. If usage on your account approaches the maximum limit or gives us cause for concern we will attempt to contact you via SMS, email or telephone. If you are using services which are incurring significant out of bundle charges and you have exceed your credit limit within
a short period of time, these alerts may not be possible and your outgoing services may be suspended immediately without warning. Whilst monitoring your account we will not apply any call restrictions during this time to prevent any disruption to your services and you will be responsible for any spend that you incur beyond your usage limit before any service restrictions are applied.

11.3 You should take care when subscribing to any incoming premium rate SMS services as it is not always possible for
 the network to block these and you will be liable for all such charges incurred beyond your approved tariff bundles and credit limit. We may close you’re account if we are unable to contact you and these costs continue to be incurred.

11.4 If you have international roaming enabled, certain outgoing service types may take longer to be billed and you will be
liable for all roaming charges which are incurred beyond you’re approved credit limit. We may close you’re account if we are unable to contact you and these costs continue to be incurred.

11.5 If we are forced to close you’re account for excessive, premium or roaming charges and you are within your minimum term
 you will be subject to a cancellation charge in addition to
any charges accumulated on your account at the point of termination. The cancellation charge will be calculated as 
a lump sum equivalent to the total of the monthly charges remaining during the minimum term of your agreement.


12.1 You must pay us all Charges for all Sunshine Mobile Services which are accessed using the SIM(s) we supply you or which are accessed using your Device(s), whether the Sunshine Mobile Services are accessed by you or by another person, with or without your permission.

12.2 We will send you a bill periodically and this will usually happen monthly and via email only. However, we reserve the right to change the frequency of the billing period, and would give you at least 14 days’ notice of this in writing.

12.3 Your bill will comprise of your fixed monthly subscription charge for the coming period as well as any calls, data or messages outside of your inclusive bundle from the last period. It may also contain a charge for any device, depending on the scheme that you have chosen. Customers taking advantage of our Free Line Rental Offers will still pay full price for the full contract period and will receive their free months at the end of the original contract term.

12.4 On your bill you will find a call history log detailing all calls
that have been made on your account and the relevant and applicable charges for these (shown including VAT). Should you require a VAT invoice we are more than happy to provide one however there may be a charge for this. If this is the case we will inform you of the charge in advance.

12.5 We provide all bills via electronic form to the email address you have supplied to us. There may be a charge for paper billing and any such charges will be notified on your bill. You must provide us with a valid email or postal address and notify us of any changes to these details so we can continue to ensure you receive your bills.

12.6 Your monthly bill must be paid by the due date by your Debit Card or your account will be suspended and ultimately terminated by Sunshine Mobile.

12.7 If you fail to pay your account on time, you will be breaking your agreement and your services may be suspended or disconnected as detailed in these Terms and Conditions. In this case you will have to pay all outstanding charges including a lump sum equivalent to the total of the monthly charges remaining during the minimum term of your agreement and or any additional charges you may have incurred.

12.8 Payment must be made on time, in full, and without any deduction, set off or counterclaim. In the event that an account remains outstanding, we will authorise recovery procedures via debt collection agencies, which will incur costs. Any costs incurred to collect the debt, will be added to the Final Balance, plus VAT at the prevailing rate You agree that you will be legally liable to pay us that surcharge, and that payment of the same can be enforced against you in court. We can also assign your debt to a third party company. The assignment of debts will involve the sale of your debt and account information to a third party company – this information may include your name, address and contact data, year of birth, debts owed, payment history and other information necessary to help recover the debt.

12.9 Your monthly recurring payments will take place on the 1 month anniversary of your chosen start date. For example (you choose the 1st of Each month – Your first payment will be taken on the 1st of February, with your next payment due on the 1st March) We will notify you via SMS and Email 3 days before your bill payment is due.



13.1 The Sunshine Mobile Service is subject to a minimum term. This will be fully explained to you before you agree to uptake the service at point of sale. Upon activation you will be allocated a billing date which will remain the same on a monthly basis.

13.2 If your Minimum Term is one month then a Minimum Term of one month will start on the anniversary of your billing date each month following unless you cancel your contract by following the detail in the cancellations section.

13.3 If your Minimum Term is greater than one month the continuation of this service agreement will apply until you cancel your contract following the detail in the cancellations section.

13.4 Where you have notified us that you wish to move to another Sunshine Mobile Tariff this will take place on your next Billing Date unless we advise otherwise.

13.5 If you change your tariff for any reason i.e. upgrading or moving to a promotional offer any unused bundle minutes, sums messages or data will not be carried forward.

13.6 You may request to change your tariff by contacting Sunshine Mobile Customer Care but please note you cannot lower your monthly tariff payment if you are still operating in your Minimum Term. This does not affect your right to cancel your contract.


14.1 The Sunshine Mobile Service may be suspended immediately if:

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