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So who are Sunshine Mobile?

Sunshine Mobile is the only UK network to offer you a no credit check entry to our network, and a 100% guaranteed Handset of your choosing!!

All networks and high street stores score you on your past credit rating when applying for a contract, and unfortunately this means a lot of the time customers are unable to have the competitive 24 month contract with one of the latest smartphones. Sunshine Mobile is designed for these great customers, and we look at your future not your past. We use your short time with us on our Handset package, to enable you to achieve this same great contract and smartphone, without all those credit checks upfront.

We don’t believe customers should be punished for a less than perfect credit history, and unfortunately nearly 3 out of 5 customers fail to achieve the high credit bars in place in the high street stores when applying for the latest phone contracts. This results in limited options for customers moving forward, either buying a sim free phone outright, which can be very costly, or having to use an expensive or unsuitable PAYG service instead.

Our offer is truly unique in the mobile marketplace, and we will also enable you to rebuild your credit rating and improve it for the future, if you keep up your regular monthly payments with us.

Sunshine Mobile has changed all of this, with our unique Handset and Sim offer.

If you’ve had difficulty with credit in the past, or been refused one of the latest phones in the high street stores, then take up our Handset and Sim offer today, and you’ll be on your way to a competitive 24 month contract, with the Smartphone of your choice!

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